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Calligrapher Musthafa Halim Ozyazici (2)

In 1946 and 1963 Mustafa Halim was appointed as sealah a calligraphy teacher at the Academy of Arts. On 20 September 1964 he was stricken by a traffic accident, and died ten days after the incident. He was buried in the area KOZLU, Istanbul. He is leaving the many students who have a deep impression and witness his noble personality. Among them his pupils was Shaykh Hasan Celebi who studied him before lear
ning to Hamid Aytac, and also Prof. Dr. Ali Alparslan, a teacher from al-Ustaz Belaid Hamidi.

Calligrapher Mustafa Halim famous with extraordinary ability in writing all kinds khot with a beautiful arrangement and strong. In addition to writing the books, many of his writings decorate the walls of the mosque in the city of Ankara, Denizli, and Rize. He is remembered with productivity in the work in almost all kinds of khot, with the order and the letters were very strong and mengangumkan.

** Diwan Diwan Hamayuni or Sulthani is the government headquarters of the Ottoman Empire which was initiated by Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih. At the beginning in shape, Sulthan itself acts as the head of this office. But with the increased breadth of the territory of the Ottoman Empire, and the increase in the affairs and administration of the State, both inside and outside the country, then was appointed minister-level officials at the Diwan of this Hamayuni and headed by a chief minister who holds a very important role, which is better known as ashram Sahdr al-A'dzam. Hamayuni Diwan name was then called by al-Baab al-'Aali. In the structure of regulations made by Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih al-Baab al-'Aali has four elements, namely al-Sadr al-A'dzam, Shaykh of Islam also called Qadi Askar, chief financial officer, and secretary Sultan.

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