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The Great Calligrapher, Muhammad Syauqi Afandi

Muhammad Syauqi Afandi (Mehmet Sevki Efendi) is one of the greatest calligraphers of the Ottoman Empire. His works in the field of Naskh and Tsuluts Style are very beautiful and distinctive, so be a mirror reference for calligraphers who came later.

Born in the city Seyyidler, Kastamonu Turkey 1829 M / 1244 H. Learning calligraphy Tsuluts, Naskhi and Riq'ah from his uncle Muhammad Afandi Khulushi until he got an Ijazah in 1257 H (at age 13).

Seeing his talent and ability, his uncle advised him to continue to learn calligraphy to another teacher, more powerful calligraphers called Mustafa Izzat Afandi. But Syauqi refused it. Based on his good attitude, Khulushi Afandi pray for him, that he become a great calligrapher. Because of his teacher prayer, Syauqi Afandi able to build a stream of calligraphy called "Madrasah Syauqi".
Although Syauqi not learn calligraphy directly to another calligrapher, but he learned autodidact from the great works of such great calligrapher such as Hafiz Usman, and from Ismail Zuhdi and his brother, Mustafa Raqim.
Muhammad Syauqi died on 13 Sha'ban 1304 AH (1887 AD) and was buried beside his uncle, Khulusi Afandi in Istanbul.

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