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Calligrapher Musthafa Halim Ozyazici (1)

Usman Turkish era has spawned a calligrapher who wowed everyone. He is Halim Mustafa Afandi. His father Qırım native of the city, an area located in the territory of Russia. While the mother was the woman who came from Sudan. Of those born Mustafa Halim in Istanbul on January 14, 1898. Mustafa Halim fondness for the art of calligraphy has grown since he was young.

Mustafa Halim learn khot ri'qah to Hamid Aytac, while still studying at secondary school level. When Madrasah al-Khatthatin in Istanbul was first opened in 1914, Mustafa Halim including the first batch of students, and had studied for 4 years. Upon learning this in school, he studied the great calligrapher at that time. Among them was Hasan Afandi Ridha, al-Hajj Ahmad Kamil, Hulushi Afandi, as well as the famous calligrapher with epithets at-Tughra`i, Ismail Haqqi Altunbezar, and Farid Bik. In addition to learning calligraphy, Mustafa Halim also learn the art of ornament and illumination. In addition, he also studied sculpture and drawing at the School ash-Shanai 'an-Nafiisah before finally signing Madrasah al-Khattathin and learn calligraphy there.

After graduating from Madrasah al-Khatthatin, young Mustafa Halim apply to work at Qalam Diwan Hamayuni also called Diwan Sulthani **, then work in printing and printing military government. However, since the post-reform in Turkey in 1924, he focused on writing and calligraphy works. And when it came out government decisions about the turn of the Arabic alphabet to Latin, Mustafa Halim had stopped writing and working, and more busy in the field of landscaping. But not long after, his yearning to grow back and calligraphy he went back to his art of calligraphy.

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