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AKLAM, Calligrapher Association in memoriam

After the long browsing, I reply comment of Imron Aly. Kaligrafer who was also written about calligraphy. There is one interesting tag from his blog. It's AKLAM.

As far as I know, AKLAM is the abbreviation of Associations Kaligrafer Darussalam. A Group of Calligraphy Lover in Modern Building School Gontor. Where, I also had learn calligraphy there, and become members.

Given the means AKLAM remember when we first learn handwriting in the Saudi Building Level III VI. And sometimes must take extra training in night after night absent, to the senior asatidz. Moreover, if Friday night came, rushing we had even centered in the 'markaz', the secretariat studio. Office of the narrow building in Tunis is the usual throng of children who are making mading ....

Yes, from the first AKLAM gave me many things about calligraphy, although it is still raw and basic, but that is the case that gives me spirit to survive to keep my art is taken.

And, thank you, and create a nostalgic AKLAMAN 2001. Wempi, Sofi, Seta, Surya, Angga, Kusna, Hekky, Ruslan and all alone ... I miss U all bro ... when we expedisi again ... Want to go ahead TURKEY guys?!

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